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Zumba Gold

By brian barrick
September 04, 2012

A new work out craze among young and old throughout the world is zumba. They have many different kinds, aqua zumba, zumbatomics (for kids), zumba basic, etc. but the one that’s best for the older generation is zumba gold. Zumba gold is a slower pace version of zumba that uses moves that are less harsh on the joints but it still gives senior citizens a great work out while enjoying a fun dance class.

To set up a zumba class at your facility you will need to find a certified zumba gold instructor, an area for the residence to work out at, and the residence. You can post an advertisement on craigslist to try to find an instructor or you can go to, click on find an instructor, and fill out the appropriate information. Zumba gold is a proven exercise to get an incredible work out and feel good while doing it.

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