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Zero Tolerance for Workplace Violence

By brian barrick
January 05, 2012

Issuing a zero tolerance for violence in the workplace is one of the most basic and critical preventative measures to ensure a healthy functioning work environment in your adult care facility. Policies and procedures should be established regarding the zero tolerance act, so all employees are on the same page. Joking around to one person may be interpreted as a threat to another’s well-being including other staff members and residents of your facility. Many behaviors are considered aggressive that most people would not expect. Rolling your eyes at a co-worker or gossiping behind their back is considered aggressive behavior that could be reprimanded. Violent behaviors in the workplace involve inappropriate language or attitude, gesturing, physical or written threats, and physical harm to others. Don’t forget, blogging inappropriately about your boss or the workplace can also get you into trouble! Guidelines for reporting workplace violence and potential outcomes for the culprit should be made known to all employees.

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