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You Tube? Is Video Marketing really the Answer?

By Heather Brown
September 29, 2014

Video marketing is on the rise across the country in small business and organization use. You Tube has made it easy for anyone to create a video marketing campaign and broadcast it to their target markets. How can video marketing help you and your adult care facility?

  1. Cut your marketing costs! Spread the word about the benefits of your facility for little or no costs. You Tube is a free service and you can even create your own channel!
  2. Go Viral! You Tube videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, your website, and other online media channels. Viewers will share your video with their friends & family…who knows? Somebody may see it and think that would be a great place for my loved one to stay!
  3. Get better Ranking on Google! When you upload a video to You Tube it associates your video with your website address which will prompt viewers to visit your site online. Google ranks you higher when somebody searches for adult care facilities in your area; if your website is frequently visited.
  4. Channels Work! When you upload a video you can create a channel in your business name. Viewers can then subscribe to this channel and will be notified via e-mail any time you add a new video! This will keep your in front of them on a constant basis.

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