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Winter Fall Prevention Tips for seniors

By brian barrick
August 26, 2013


    Winter can be dangerous time – even more dangerous for the elderly.  Ice, snow, and other cold-weather precipitation can be slippery enough to injure anyone, but for seniors these falls can be even more threatening to their health.  If you work at an assisted living area, senior center home, or any place where senior citizens often are, you should consider these winter time slip and fall prevention tips.

Be Prepared
Prevention begins with knowledge of when conditions are right for possible accidents.  This means, make sure you are on top of knowing when bad weather is coming in – even if it isn’t snowing, sleeting or raining, slippery conditions can occur when the temperature rises enough to melt snow or ice.  This creates water on top of ice or snow that can freeze when the temperature lowers again.

Having a specific person or team of people take care of walking area maintenance will help prevent accidents by having consistent monitoring of sidewalk and walking area conditions.  While this may not be possible for everyone, checking to make sure walking areas are salted and shoveled when necessary is one of the most important ways to ensure safe walking.  Also, mark areas with signs

Again, not all facilities have the ability to hire enough staff to take care of this, but if a senior is having trouble walking on their own, or if it appears they need help, having a staff member accompany them while walking could help prevent injuries as well.

Even with all of these slip and fall prevention tips taken into consideration, accidents still happen.  Of course, these preventative actions are key, but having good insurance for your facility is also very important.  Depending on what size business you have, insurance companies can be hard to deal with.  The Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC has plenty of raving reviews.  You can read these at http://www.pcalic

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