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Why Have Training in Medication Administration?

By Heather Brown
December 27, 2014

When an agency assumes responsibility for the care of an elderly resident, it is required to make special efforts to protect their safety. In addition to protecting the health and well being of the elderly residents that you care for, your knowledge of appropriate medication procedures for administering medications will protect you and your agency from faulty medication practices, which may have serious consequences. .

Everyone holds differing beliefs and ideas about using medication. .

  • Agency policies cannot always allow for medication practices which might be used in typical homes. However, staff should make every effort to use procedures that are as normative as possible with the rules and regulations.
  • The resident has the right to refuse any and all medications. All refusals must be properly documented and reported according to your facility’s policy on refusal of medications.

The more you know about medication administration assistance and the proper use, the better you will be at performing your job. .

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