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Who is Responsible for Resident’s Property?

By Samone Maddox
June 12, 2019

Some residents move into a care setting with no belongings, while others bring some along because they need them in their daily activities (eyeglasses) or to make their room feel more like a home. In the course of a resident’s time in an adult residential care facility, they can also acquire additional items that family and friends bring. We often get asked who is responsible for these items if they are stolen or destroyed in a fire.


Theft of Resident Property

In a study released by Caitlin-Morgan, 25% of employees in the long-term care industry had witnessed co-workers steal resident’s property. Implementing policies and procedures to minimize theft is vital, but so is making sure you have the right insurance in place if you experience a similar situation.

 Adult residential care facility insurance includes coverage for resident’s property including jewelry, clothing, and other belongings in the event they are stolen. Some policies also include crime coverage in the event the property is stolen by an employee of the facility. 


 Fires & Resident Property

While adult residential care facilities practice fire evacuation consistently, the main focus is evacuating residents and employees safely and quickly. Belongings and property get left behind and depending on how fast the fire moves, can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Fire hazard legal liability offers coverage for residents’ property if it is damaged in a fire the facility is at fault for, or one caused by a natural disaster or other unpredictable event.  


Alternative Solutions

Residents and their families can also choose to purchase their own property policy to cover the resident’s belongings. Depending on the value of the items, this solution may be in the best interest of the resident.

 If your adult residential care facility has a comprehensive insurance plan in place, you likely have the coverage necessary for replacing resident property after a fire, or if it is stolen by an employee.




Contact the professionals at PCALIC, LLC. for additional information. We specialize in helping adult residential care facilities with their unique insurance needs across the country.

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