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Where to find Ideas for Activities for Residents

By brian barrick
September 16, 2013


An assisted living facility has to be well staffed with creative people.  A number of creative staffers out there have to know where to find ideas for activities.  It is very important to make sure that everyone inside of an assisted living facility feels included in activities.  A number of different card games will help people keep their memories sharp while they are focused on completing daily, important tasks.


A number of people have to be able to donate to the care of the residents inside an assisted living facility.  A owner of an assisted living facility should invest in things like a pool or a great room where residents can play pool or table tennis with one another.  A number of people that are involved with the concept of table tennis need to know how helpful the game can be in making sure a patient’s senses can stay sharp.  Activities for residents can be tied to mental stimulation.


People that work at a assisted living facility for example may encourage residents to set certain goals.  A staff member that wants residents to set goals may encourage some of the residents to take up writing.  A resident that has dreamed about becoming a writer should consider taking up that dream.  A writer can exchange different ideas with other people and definitely challenge their mind on a regular basis.  The activities for residents need to be safe and reasonable.


Writing and the free exchange of ideas should be considered a safe activity.  A number of the highly educated residents could teach literacy courses.  A literacy course can open up a lot of doors for people.  A lot of people that end up in an assisted living facility may have been accountants in the past.  The former accountants can teach a Math course to other residents that want to improve their mathematical skills.   The different activities for residents should make all sides involved in a cause extremely confident and fulfilled.

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