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Where Can I Find Activity Ideas for Senior Residents?

By brian barrick
July 11, 2013

Finding new and exciting activities for your elderly residents can be nerve wracking. There are an overwhelming number of websites that come up when you search the internet for ideas. This is a list of sites that will provide you with some valid ideas and even a few tips.

1. – This website can provide you with month by month calendars that contain activities tailored to the seasons. They also have a calendar tailored to Alzheimer and dementia patients. You do need to sign up for a subscription, but then you get full access to everything they have available.

2. – This page gives you ideas for room bound patients. It also gives you general information and tips for planning activities for your other residents.

3. – You can find many different ideas on this site. They have ideas for social and physical activities, and even crafts. They also list hints and tips for instituting these ideas.

4. – This website can provide you with complete ready to go activities. You can get printable props, photos, and handouts among other things. This site also requires a subscription, but it’s very affordable.

5. – If you have a large number of Alzheimer and dementia residents, this site deserves a glance. The program asks a hefty up front price, but it is a well recommended program. Engaging activities is an important part of making your residents feel comfortable. That responsibility can be a challenge, but a fulfilling one.


Hopefully this list will help you plan exciting activities for your residents.  Also, don’t forget to check out your local activites to keep your residents involved with the community if at all possible. Another good way to keep residents involved is to ask them what type of interests they have and even if they would like to be part of the planning of different activities. This will help give them a sense of purpose – but only if they want it!

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