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When Its Time to Move Residents

By brian barrick
April 07, 2014

While everyone wants their loved ones to get the best care possible, many families do not want to admit to themselves that their loved one needs specialized care that they cannot get at their current assisted living facility. If you own an assisted living facility and notice that one of the residents needs more care than your staff can provide, you will need to have a conference with the person’s family to let them know what changes need to be made.

Before speaking with the family, it is best to sit down and create a few talking points that you want to cover during the conversation. You want to be sure that you detail what issues you are noticing and why you feel that a higher degree of care is needed. The family may not see the relative as often as your staff at the assisted living facilities does, so having detailed instances to share with them can make the talk go a bit smoother.

Also, you want to be sure that you have possible solutions to give to them. You may want to direct them to assisted living facilities that offer the level of care that their loved one needs. If you have any information regarding funding or moving assistance, that would be helpful information to provide to them, as well. It is important to be as kind and patient as possible as you can be because this can be a very sensitive topic for many families.

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