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When Is It Okay to Leave Residents Alone?

By brian barrick
November 07, 2013

Most assisted living residents are able to care for themselves but the reason while they’re in a facility is because they require extra attention to ensure their safety.  It is in everyone’s best interest that a watchful eye is always kept on each resident at all times.  However, this can be done while having the resident feel independent at the same time.

Sometimes residents believe that they are capable of doing the most simple of tasks by themselves and request for private time.    Private time seems doable to an average, able person but personal attention is needed with the resident during times like bathing or using the restroom.  The resident might even need a breath of fresh air and want to be alone.  Always personally supervise the resident during these times since the residents are at risk to falling or aimlessly wandering away from the premises.  This will create unnecessary risk for your facility.

Making the resident feel independent while under your watch is simple.  Allow them to socialize with other residents in a group setting like during meal times, arts and crafts, or playing board games.  Watch the residents from afar so you are available in case of any accidents.

Finally, residents may watch television, read a book, or have some other kind of independent activity by themselves.  It is imperative they are frequently checked on to make sure they have not injured themselves by falling out of the chairs or beds.  As long as there is carefully planned supervision, assisted living residents will adjust and eventually feel like they are functioning alone.

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