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Wheelchair Safety: The Do’s & Don’ts for Your Residents

By brian barrick
May 07, 2013

Due to the increasing number of assisted living residents on wheel chairs, many assisted living homes, facilities and care homes have been opened. These residents on wheelchairs will always need assistance from people where they stay or from their care givers in and out of wheel chairs. Any one assisting physically challenged person need to take safety measures before helping the person in and out of the wheel chair.

The following are proper ways to help assisted living residents getting in of a wheelchair:

·         Make sure that the assisted living resident knows that it is time to move in a wheelchair.

·         The transfer points should be minimized to avoid hurting the patient.

·         The caregiver or person assisting should make sure that the wheels and brakes of the wheelchair are locked.

·         The wheels should be positioned facing where the assisted living resident is going to be taken from.

·         Make sure that the way is clear by removing any object that might get in the way while transferring the assisted living resident.

·         Always make sure that the person is seated at the centre and avoid making them sit at the edge of the wheelchair.

·         Make sure that the seat belt is fastened. Avoid moving the wheelchair when the seat belt is not fastened.

·         Ask the person to release the brakes or release them if the person is not in a position to do so and you are good to go.

Proper ways to help assisted living residents out of wheelchairs:

·         Let the person know that it is time to get out of the wheelchair.

·         The transfer points should be minimized by moving the wheelchair closer to where the assisted living resident is going to be transferred to.

·         Always clear the way so as to make it easier to carry the person to the desired place. This helps to avoid accidents during the transfer.

·         If the person is able to put their feet down, ask them to do so stand on their feet.

·         Place them gently on the bed or chair whichever place they wish.

The teams who always assist the assisted living residents should always do it with a lot of care so as to avoid hurting the people and causing accidents. Living facilities and homes should provide training to their caregivers on how to handle people on wheelchairs.



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