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What are the Insurance Requirements for Washington Adult Family Homes?

By brian barrick
April 25, 2013

What are the Insurance Requirements for Washington Adult Family Homes?

If you are looking to start an adult family home in Washington there are some insurance requirements that you need to comply with. These homes are available for people who need to be taken care of such as the elderly and the disabled. Such a facility houses from two to six people aged above 18 years. When a person is in the care of such a facility anything can happen and therefore you as the facility owner should have the right insurance coverage. Instead of waiting until as tragedy befalls you, get an insurance package that suits you.

In order to run a safe and successful adult family home, you should look into all possible insurance policies in order to make an informed decision. Finding the right insurance requires a lot of research. If you find a policy hastily, you could end up paying through the nose and your facility will be affected. Here are the insurance requirements you should meet.

General liability coverage

This is a protection that insures you against lawsuits. A person can allege to have been harmed in your adult family home due to some negligence on your part. This coverage helps you in such situations by paying such persons if the lawsuit is deemed viable. It therefore gives an adult family home owner peace of mind in case a visitor falls and breaks their leg. This coverage should;

  • Cover the building, operations in it, personal injury, and other liabilities that can be assumed under any contract that is insured
  • Have minimum of five hundred thousand dollars
  • Have a collective amount of about million dollars

Professional liability coverage

This insurance covers you when a person alleges to have been neglected by way of omission or wrongful administration of medicine. Such neglect should be shown to cause injury to the person suing you. This coverage must;

  • Cover damages brought about by faults and omissions of the facility and its employees/volunteers.
  • Limit the incidents at $500,000
  • Have a total of one million dollars

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