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What are The Benefits of Associations?

By brian barrick
August 28, 2013

Associations for the benefit of Assisted Living Centers first began with 1990.  Rippling had begun before but success occurred with the 1990 formation of Assisted Living Federation of America.  Since then other associations have formed, including valuable free referral sites for families.  Why the new trend toward organizing Assisted Living Centers into Assisted Living Associations?  The benefits are massive.

Assisted Living Tools

The management tools for operating an Assisted Living Center are monitored and kept up to date through Assisted Living Association’s national periodicals, newsletters and other technical advisements to managers of Assisted Living Centers.  This keeps quality at a high and training always updated.  The purpose of the Association is to keep Assisted Living a quality environment offering the best in independent care and assistance.

Assisted Living Associations are an aggressive and formidable lobbying strength.  Through advocacy, national education, networking, updating professional development, and quality initiatives. Associations are proactive.  They bring national attention to ensure assisted living legislation is backed by the strongest influential long term care advocacy team in the U.S.  Association members know the national policymakers and regulators will definitely hear their professional wishes.  Associations of Assisted Living Centers have power as a group who seek to influence assisted living.

Not only do Associations represent Assisted Living Centers nationally, but through the federation of state affiliates. They use their abilities to further assisted living education, advocate on behalf of assisted living providers, and provide ongoing support for all of their assisted living members who need to improve quality and grow.

United through their common purpose of providing assisted living care and nursing to residents and families, each individual assisted living operation has the ability to make their requests acknowledged, their suggestions heeded and their voices heard with undeniable strength.  In this way the essence of assisted living is improved, watch guarded, and maintained with high degree of professionalism and integrity.

Books, seminars, “webinars” and other avenues are available for management and staff of centers to provide ongoing updated education and suggestions for improvement overall.  This is much more efficient and effective than expecting each individual assisted living center to undertake this for their staff without the Association.

Safety issues are paramount within Assisted Living Centers, and the Associations determine codes of safety in all operations and ways to prevent hazards.  Insurance cost for nonprofit assisted living can be modest due to influence of the Assisted Living Associations.

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