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Understanding the Basics of a Wandering Management System

By brian barrick
October 14, 2013

A wandering management system can help staff members keep track of residents and make sure they are safe.  A system can be viewed in the same fashion as a Life Alert system that helps prevent injuries after a fall or other disasters.  Your liability insurance company can help you find a good, electronic system that can prevent wandering in your assisted living facility.  The system can be a large part of your company customized insurance program that will make sure all of your residents are safe.

A staff duress system can be very helpful if you have a number of residents in your facility that like to go on walks on their own.  The walks can be very dangerous if the patient has cognitive impairments.  The staff duress system can give staff members the right amount of notification about potential issues that may arise.  A resident that has cognitive impairments should be treated with compassion and patience.

The wandering system should have a central control panel that can be controlled by staff members.  The alert system should have the ability to lock doors, this is important so patients do not wander into strange rooms.  The wandering system can be very important for maintaining the dignity of a resident that may be struggling with dementia for example.

A system to prevent wandering in your assisted living facility could be directly tied to an alarm system.  The alarm system should work twenty four hours per day.  You know that many incidents happen at night and the system needs to have a good backup battery system.   A system to prevent wandering in your assisted living facility that does not have a backup battery system can run out of batteries.  A number of residents that struggle with depression or anger issues may try to dismantle the system and this can lead to a real catastrophe.  A situation like this means your staff has to be prepared for anything, with both the right equipment and disposition.  Your limited liability insurance company should be prepared to help you insure the system and make sure all individuals involved (residents and staff) remain safe and satisfied.

The different wandering prevention systems can certainly print off a report of past incidents for a nurse or other staff members.  The reports can be very important for safety purposes and making sure the system is working effectively.  The wandering system serves a purpose.

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