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Trips & Tours for your residents

By brian barrick
January 31, 2012

Assisted Living Home residents, just like anyone else, needs to have fun in their life too. You can have holiday celebrations, musical events, exercise, and the list goes on and on, but you don’t want the residents getting bored with the same old bingo game do you? One activity that all residents are sure to enjoy is trips and tours to nearby museums and factories. Our local town has two different chip factory tours that are open to the public. Does your town or neighboring town have something like this?

                The trips and tours can vary tremendously from festivals, historic sites, museums, and so much more. To raise money for these trips, your residents can have a bake sale or a craft sale or donations can be accepted for an event. The next step would be getting transportation to and from the event, which could be a bit difficult because of the fact that some residents are in wheelchairs. So, when you’re planning a trip or tour be sure to remember the age group, start a fundraiser for the event, and get all transportation information in order before hand and you should have a safe and fun filled trip or tour.

For a list of 20 tour ideas, visit and send us an e-mail!

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