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Tips on Wandering Alzheimer’s Patients

By brian barrick
May 29, 2013

Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease are usually exposed to a lot of risks when they wander away from their homes and care facilities. This habit usually develops especially in winter season and when weather conditions are in extreme, precautions should be taken to ensure your loved one does not get lost.

Preventing your loved one from wandering in your assisted living facility is the best option and can be made possible by;

1.      Installation of locks on the doors- to prevent your loved one getting out of the living facility you should install locks and place them high or very low .Double key lock is also a good solution but you should ensure that he or she does not panic.

2.      Installing alms-these alarms are to be used as informers when your loved one moves from one place to another or when leaving to dangerous or unsafe places. Motion directing alarms may work well in this case since they will give notification for movements within the house.

3.      Keep the keys out of reach and sight. If your loved one gets hold of keys for example car keys he or she may end up Making damages or even severe accident.

4.      Dress your loved one in brightly colored clothes. This makes him or her to be spotted if in crowded areas for example if going for shopping in the market grounds.

5.       A safe return bracelet, reckless or   emergency ID card. When your loved one gets lost, Alzheimer’s association ( assures your loved one is found.

6.      Avoid leaving your loved one alone at home. A close attention and eye watch makes him or her comfortable and does not panic.

7.      Safe fencing and high leveled gate makes preventive measure in that no loop for escaping.

8.  Creativity – you should be creative to design ways of ensuring your loved one is safe always, a good example of creativity is where someone does to the beloved one what he or she likes most.

Wandering in your assisted living facility for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease may require a lot of attention and may cause risks which should be prevented by taking reasonable precautions and incase your loved one gets lost should not panic to tell others help you find him or her.

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