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The Rights of a Personal Care Home Resident

By brian barrick
June 04, 2013

Every Resident of a Personal Care Home has rights that should be upheld to avoid liabilities and claims against a resident home. Also it is necessary to know the rights so that all living in a personal care home can be educated on what their rights are.

Each resident care plan includes the right to personal care and to live in a safe and clean environment. The home should be cleaned on a regular basis and have security of peace of mind for the resident, which includes outdoor space and indoor living. With this, they should also be treated with respect and dignity that is free from both mental and physical abuse. The residents also have the right to privacy and a safe and secure place to keep their personal possessions and receive visitors.

The residents should be told who is in charge of their direct care within the facility and who is responsible for the facility they are residing in. They also have the right to receive privacy in their personal care and to receive therapy or rehabilitation as necessary to live as independent a life as possible. They have the right to know what medical care is being given them and what medications are being administered and for what reasons. The resident care plan provides the right to make informed choices in a language they will clearly understand and to refuse treatment if they feel it is not within their best interest.

A resident care plan also gives residents the right to be able to practice social, cultural and religious beliefs with reasonable provisions and to practice these free from discrimination. Where possible residents should be given the independence to manage their own financial affairs and to use their money as they see fit and to know the costs of living within the facility. Also should a resident feel violated they have the right to know how to bring forth a complaint and what action will be taken to give the resident assurance.

All employees within the facility should know what the resident’s rights are and implement them into a resident care plan so as to have uniform regulations amongst all workers within the home. Knowing and implementing the rights of the residence within the personal care home will keep the home and its workers protected.


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