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The Key to a Longer Life

By brian barrick
September 13, 2012

Staying active physically, mentally, and socially are very important for people of all ages. It is vital for older adults over the age of 75 because on average they live 5.4 years longer than inactive elders. Studies showed that 92 percent of participants studied from age 75 for 18 years who were active lived much longer than those inactive. Women, usually, live longer than men naturally, but this study showed a larger life expectancy increase when they performed healthy behaviors.

Some of the ways older adults can exhibit these healthy behaviors is by swimming, walking, gymnastics, no smoking, engaging in leisure activities, have a large social network, and healthy eating habits. We understand that as you get older your joints start to hurt more, and more health problems arise. Consult with your doctors, physical therapist or other peers to see what they recommend for you to stay active and live longer.

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