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The Important Facts Regarding Elderly Fall Prevention

By brian barrick
May 23, 2013

As people grow old, they tend to become weaker, such that they can no longer perform the things they used to do comfortably. Anyone taking care of an elderly adult can attest to the fact that an elderly person can easily fall, causing various injuries on their bodies like hip fracture, breaking a hand or any other body part, which may even be a cause of early death. It is therefore important to have a fall prevention education program where caregivers and the adults are taught on important things they should do to prevent adult falls, after all prevention is better than cure!


Eyesight problems

Elderly people often have poor eyesight that makes their vision blurred. It may thus be easy for them to hit something on their way or even fall into an object due as a result of such a problem. Whether you are running an adult homecare facility or just taking care of your parent, you should get their eyesight checked by an eye doctor annually. Ensure all the rooms are well lit too.


Clear the floor

Many elderly people are used to a certain routine especially in terms of the arrangement of various items in the house. For instance, they may be so used to walking along a certain path that they are not keen to notice anything lying on the floor. Such items may easily trip them causing a fall thus the need to clear all their paths. This is a form of fall prevention education aimed at ensuring things lying on the floor like cables running across the room do not trip the elderly people.


Slippery floor

You should have non-skid carpets or floors to prevent incidents of anyone slipping and falling because of the slippery floor. It is also necessary to place various necessities within easy reach for the elderly people to avoid incidents of such people slipping when trying to access them.  You should fasten any loose carpets with glue on the floor to prevent chances of them tripping the elderly.


Exercise frequently and have assistive devices

Exercising frequently ensures that the elderly keep fit to ensure their body parts are not weak, which may make them fall easily. To prevent accidents from happening, have some rails for such people to support themselves in case of accidental tripping. Their shoes should also non-slip, flat shoes to avoid incidents of tripping.

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