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The Importance of Employee Education in Your Assisted Living Facility

By brian barrick
October 30, 2012

Do you run an assisted living center or residential care facility for adults and seniors?  An important factor in running your facility is training and education for employees. In a facility staff should be trained to respect a patient’s privacy, how to handle the patient care, how to report incidents of abuse and neglect of patients, and how to evacuate the buildings. Staff should know how to dispense medications and keep track of problems. They should know safety procedures and how to handle patients. They should know emergency safety procedures to help if someone falls or is choking on food. Staff should be trained on how to handle aggressive behavior. These are guidelines for aides and attendants in the type of training that should be provided.

The Direct Care Staff should learn how to communicate with patients that are deaf, or have visual impairment. They should have training on dealing with patients with mental and cognitive illness. They must learn to communicate and deal effectively with family. They should know how social, physical and mental conditions affect a patient all around care. Staff should be familiar with community resources and how to get help when needed.

Facilities that have licensed nurses, nurses’ aides, and medication aids have to provide annual training for staff. They have to provide training in communications with those with hearing problems, mental illness, physical illness and handicaps. They should learn how to handles medications for treatment of pain and other illnesses, know how it reacts with food, side effects and how it affects sleep. Knowledge and training on how to prevent falls and accidents is important. All these are important aspect to train your staff in how to handle patients and family effectively.

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