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Telephone Skills

By Heather Brown
December 08, 2014

Often times as caregivers, we need to communicate with the family members of the resident, physician or other professionals on the telephone. Communicating effectively is just as important on the telephone. We cannot read or communicate using body language, therefore, what we say and how we say it is extremely important on the telephone.

Always remain calm, courteous and professional on the phone.

When answering the phone, always give your name and the name of the facility. Use the previous communication skills.

Keep in mind that how you come across to the caller can be influenced by your body language.

Make careful notes include the date time and full name of the caller and a return telephone number.

See that the note is delivered to the individual in a timely manner, what may seem of little importance to you can be of great importance to a resident or other party the message is for.

Take care in relaying confidential or sensitive information.

Never repeat sensitive or confidential information as you may be in violation of privacy rights.

Outgoing calls should be treated the same as incoming calls, always introducing yourself by full name and the name of the facility.

Careful note taking is again necessary.

Be sure to plan for the outgoing call in advance making certain that you have all the information at hand before making the call.

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