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Everything You Need to Know About Worker’s Compensation

By Heather Brown
February 02, 2018

As the Baby Boomer population ages, assisted facilities are becoming a popular choice for long-term care. With more than 1 million individuals currently residing in assisted care communities, there is still a growing need for your services. The number of residents is expected to double by 2030 which means we can expect to see an ...

Why Should You have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

By Heather Brown
February 20, 2015

As the owner of an assisted living facility or its administrator, you may be wondering why you need worker’s compensation insurance. There are many reasons. Here are just a few. Good for Your Employees. Your employees are wonderful, caring people. That’s why you hired them to be caregivers. But this kind of work can really ...

Important Guidelines for Employee Termination

By brian barrick
November 13, 2012

There are several guidelines that you should follow when you are having to terminate an employee at an assisted living facility.  The first guideline is that you need to have documented reasons why you are firing this employee.  This is because if you do not provide a sufficient enough reason for firing this person, then ...

Fragrance-Free Workplace

By brian barrick
August 23, 2012

Adult Care homes and assisted living facilities work with a unique group of individuals, our elderly population. Working this close with other individuals can be a rewarding experience.  Recently, there was a story in the news regarding the practice of fragrance-free work places and it made me think of the adult care homes and assisted ...