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Staff Policies And Procedures for Wandering

By Heather Brown
August 28, 2015

Assisted living facilities need to create a happy friendly atmosphere and environment for the residents that live there long term. Not doing so can create wandering behaviors in residents, which can lead to injury or worse death. Having a system in place to help keep track of wandering behavior in residents can also help prevent ...

Signs of Wandering Behavior in Residents

By Heather Brown
March 11, 2015

Every 6 in 10 patients suffering from some form of dementia will wander. This is because most of them are disoriented in some way, and cannot remember who they are or where they live making it difficult for them too find their way back to where they are suppose to be. Catching the early signs ...

Understanding the Basics of a Wandering Management System

By brian barrick
October 14, 2013

A wandering management system can help staff members keep track of residents and make sure they are safe.  A system can be viewed in the same fashion as a Life Alert system that helps prevent injuries after a fall or other disasters.  Your liability insurance company can help you find a good, electronic system that ...

How to Prevent Wandering in Adult Family Homes

By brian barrick
July 05, 2013

Many people who reside at an adult family home suffer from wandering.  Wandering from an adult family home can be extremely dangerous. There are some important signs that a person may exhibit if they are wandering. If a person makes repetitive movements, has trouble locating common places, asks about where their family is at, or ...