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How to Keep Your Residents Healthy and Safe on a Hot Summer Day

By Heather Brown
June 19, 2015

With the summer heat soon arriving with extra warming temperatures it is wise to keep a close eye on the elderly in your residential facility since high temperatures can cause potential health risks. If you are in need of some heat busting tips to keep your residents health and safety at the forefront on hot summery days ...

How to Enjoy the Summer without the Heat

By brian barrick
August 22, 2013

August is typically the hottest month of the year and a time to enjoy the indoors.  The risk of heat stroke amongst Senior Citizens increases as the heat outdoors increases.  The importance of maintaining good health and staying cool is vital when the temperatures rise outside.  Residential Homes are always looking for new ideas and ...

Fun & Safe Spring & Summer Activities for your Residents

By brian barrick
April 24, 2013

As spring and summer rolls around you need to start thinking of fun outdoor activities to plan for the residents in your adult foster home. The weather is most likely going to be beautiful all through and this is a great time to be outdoors! A little bit of sunshine and fresh air could create ...

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