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The Emerging Legal Risks of Social Media

By Heather Brown
November 04, 2016

Social media is changing communication on a near daily basis. Publishing status updates, pictures, and videos is a routine part of many individual’s lives and help connect them to family and friends across the world. Even businesses are experiencing great success with their social media marketing strategies. With all the hype and advantages of social ...

5 Marketing Ideas for your Assisted Living or Personal Care Home

By Heather Brown
February 16, 2015

There are a number of ways to begin advertising your personal care or assisted living home. Let’s have a quick review of some of them: Newspaper Paid advertisement slots are a good way to generate interest as many individuals investigating assisted living facilities still read the newspaper on a regular basis. The other thing that ...

7 Facebook Marketing Tips

By Heather Brown
January 26, 2015

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networks today. Due to this fact, many businesses and non-profits have adopted its use in marketing and selling their products and services. But just how do you market your non-profit on Facebook? Here are 7 Facebook marketing tips to employ. Define your goals- Success in online marketing  ...

Social Media Risk Management for your Personal Care Home

By brian barrick
April 03, 2014

Many personal care homes are operating as a small to mid sized business that has never faced any legal issues. Most operators and administrators are functioning through their medical or hospitality training when working each day to meet clients needs. Not knowing which actions puts the business in a compromising position is dangerous. Here are ...

Protect Your ALF on Social Media

By brian barrick
January 28, 2014

Social media websites provide online spaces where different types of businesses, including assisted living facilities, can promote their services. The use of social media can lead to an increase in residents over time and give others a glimpse into the types of amenities you have at your facility.  When you and other administrators create and ...

Social Media: Avoid the Risks of Misspeaking

By brian barrick
February 19, 2013

Social media website can help different types of businesses, including an assisted living facility, to promote their services. When you are using these social media sites, you need to be careful that you use the right language so that you don’t encounter problems, such as negative promotion or lawsuits. When you go on a social ...