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Fun Activities for Residents in your AFH

By brian barrick
February 14, 2014

Having a plan in place for when disaster hits your assisted living facility is highly important. Your assisted living facility is home to people who may have extreme stress during a disaster and you want to make it as easy on them as you can by having a plan in place for all disasters. All ...

When Is It Okay to Leave Residents Alone?

By brian barrick
November 07, 2013

Most assisted living residents are able to care for themselves but the reason while they’re in a facility is because they require extra attention to ensure their safety.  It is in everyone’s best interest that a watchful eye is always kept on each resident at all times.  However, this can be done while having the ...

Employee Smoking Policies in Assisted Living Facilities

By brian barrick
October 21, 2013

Employee smoking policies are very important within assisted living homes.  Policies are oftentimes implemented within this type of environment to enhance the safety of the workplace.  Such policies will aid the facility in minimizing risks and protecting staff and residents from workplace accidents. Implementing an Employee Smoking Policy In order to develop an effective policy, ...

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

By brian barrick
February 20, 2013

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance: Why Do you Need it? Do you know someone that has lost everything they have worked for over a frivolous lawsuit? Are you an administrator or owner of an assisted living home?   Then you may want to read this and take some notes… There are a few great reasons why you should ...

Dangers of Mold

By brian barrick
May 10, 2012

Although droughts are very common right now in the US, there have been many storms that have caused water damage for homes across the United States. Water damage is not just a problem because of the stains, but mold can grow and infest homes as well. The water damage must be remediated fast and professionally ...