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At What Age Should You be Looking at Insurance?

By Heather Brown
August 05, 2015

As part of a healthy financial plan, insurance is a sound investment at every stage of life. But knowing what insurance to have at what stage is an important factor to consider. It’s also important to remember that everyone’s life situation is different, as are their needs, and the kind of insurance protection that’s needed at ...

Social Media Risk Management for your Personal Care Home

By brian barrick
April 03, 2014

Many personal care homes are operating as a small to mid sized business that has never faced any legal issues. Most operators and administrators are functioning through their medical or hospitality training when working each day to meet clients needs. Not knowing which actions puts the business in a compromising position is dangerous. Here are ...

How Can Wandering Impact Your Facility

By brian barrick
March 28, 2014

Whether you run a tiny three-resident care facility out of your home or are in charge of a sprawling, multi-building complex for the elderly, resident wandering should be on your list of concerns. Working with the aged to keep them content and safe is a priority, and wandering can bring harsh and expensive legal consequences ...

Cyber Risks for Adult Foster Homes

By brian barrick
February 26, 2014

There are going to be cyber-risks for any adult foster home that support residents in having an online capacity. The educational, recreational and practicality of having online options for adult residents outweigh the risks in-general. This does not, however, remove the risks that cyber-hackers or other malevolent online abusers might present. Steps To Take To ...

Fun Activities for Residents in your AFH

By brian barrick
February 14, 2014

Having a plan in place for when disaster hits your assisted living facility is highly important. Your assisted living facility is home to people who may have extreme stress during a disaster and you want to make it as easy on them as you can by having a plan in place for all disasters. All ...

Adult Family Home Insurance Tips

By brian barrick
February 07, 2014

Buying adult family home insurance is always difficult because there are so many choices available. It takes a strong will to comb through every policy and find the one that best suits your needs. Then, after carefully comparing benefits, you still have to worry about price. Use these tips to help you narrow down your ...

The Importance of Documentation

By brian barrick
January 27, 2014

In any business industry there is always one important rule to follow; document everything. Even if a task or assignment has been completed, if it is not properly documented, “it never happened.” While this can be frustrating, this is how businesses operate; especially, in the medical field. Why is Documentation so Important? Imagine working in ...

Holiday Fire Safety

By brian barrick
December 01, 2013

The holidays are a great time for baking cookies and cooking a big dinner for the family, but 40% of home fires are started from cooking so precautions need to be taken. When cooking, stay in the kitchen and if you have to leave for any reason, turn off your stove top. Always use a ...

What to Do When a New Resident Needs a Higher Level of Care

By brian barrick
November 05, 2013

  When a resident needs more care than an assisted living facility can provide, the staff needs to take measures to ensure that that individual is placed in a nursing home or hospital that can provide the level of care necessary. They need to contact the individual’s family and doctor to help with the decision ...

Importance of Water Testing

By brian barrick
October 30, 2013

As Baby Boomers mature, the numbers of assisted living facilities are steadily rising to meet this aging population’s needs. These facilities allow seniors and their families to concentrate on living in the now rather than worrying about the unpredictability of the future. Ideally, the health and safety of residents is of utmost importance to a ...