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The Emerging Legal Risks of Social Media

By Heather Brown
November 04, 2016

Social media is changing communication on a near daily basis. Publishing status updates, pictures, and videos is a routine part of many individual’s lives and help connect them to family and friends across the world. Even businesses are experiencing great success with their social media marketing strategies. With all the hype and advantages of social ...

Electronic Records Requests: How They Affect You

By Heather Brown
July 01, 2016

It seems that more and more paperwork is being moved to electronic databases and we are becoming a digital society.  These new processes have had an impact on the healthcare industry.  There are many benefits to electronic records, but with that there are many new concerns that should be addressed as well. What are the ...

How Long Should You Keep Documentation?

By brian barrick
October 22, 2013

Physicians have a number of responsibilities when it comes to retaining medical records. Various things come into play that affects the amount of time an assisted living facility needs to retain the records. Federal and state laws, association policies, medical boards and the type of record all make the determination as to how long the ...

Keep your client information confidential!

By brian barrick
February 22, 2012

Adult Care Homes and Facilities are required to provide security for the confidential, financial and other information of their clients and customers, it is helpful to know and understand what steps to take to keep your institution from being threatened. Employee Management and Training Regularly remind all employees of your company’s policy and legal requirement ...