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12 Best Balanced Exercises for Seniors and Elderly to Help Prevent Falls

By Heather Brown
June 24, 2015

We take balance for granted though it is an important part of our lives. As we age our balance declines and as many as 45% of the elderly fall annually. They mainly fall because of: Poor vision Weak legs and hips Poor posture that makes it hard for them to stand erect Drug interaction that ...

Tips on Walking with a Patient

By Heather Brown
February 09, 2015

Walking with patients in nursing home, rehabilitation centers, hospitals or any other home care facility can provide healing to the mind and body.  However, there are a handful of safety tips to keep in mind when walking with your patient. Walking Safety Tips  #1 Walking Wheelchair Patients  Before walking a wheelchair patient, make sure the ...

5 Tips On Fall Prevention

By Heather Brown
January 22, 2015

Care is essential for residential communities, assisted living centers, and senior care centers to ensure their elderly residents are safe from injury. Insurance premiums and even liability coverage itself can also be based upon compliance to safety regulations. To make your home away from home safer, have a daily check list: 1. Walking Hazards to ...

Falls Prevention Training

By Heather Brown
January 20, 2015

Assisted living facilities, can be the safest place for the elderly, disabled or injured to stay when assistance is necessary by a medicinally trained staff.  However, falls are a major common problem in these facilities causing severe injury to the patients living in them. Falls can be avoided by having fall prevention training classes every ...

Prevent Falls in your Adult Family Home

By brian barrick
February 03, 2014

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of reported falls in 2010 was largest among the age group of over 75-year-olds. These figures attest to the fact that every adult family home needs to extra-vigilant to prevent residents from falling as they move around the premises. In 2010, at least 115 ...

When Is It Okay to Leave Residents Alone?

By brian barrick
November 07, 2013

Most assisted living residents are able to care for themselves but the reason while they’re in a facility is because they require extra attention to ensure their safety.  It is in everyone’s best interest that a watchful eye is always kept on each resident at all times.  However, this can be done while having the ...

Winter Fall Prevention Tips for seniors

By brian barrick
August 26, 2013

      Winter can be dangerous time – even more dangerous for the elderly.  Ice, snow, and other cold-weather precipitation can be slippery enough to injure anyone, but for seniors these falls can be even more threatening to their health.  If you work at an assisted living area, senior center home, or any place where ...

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents of seniors in the Living Areas

By brian barrick
August 13, 2013

  If you care for a senior citizen, one of the most important safety concerns you will need to address will be slip and fall prevention in your home. A little bit of prior planning and accident prevention can help ward off injuries that can be huge threats to the health of an elderly person. ...

The Important Facts Regarding Elderly Fall Prevention

By brian barrick
May 23, 2013

As people grow old, they tend to become weaker, such that they can no longer perform the things they used to do comfortably. Anyone taking care of an elderly adult can attest to the fact that an elderly person can easily fall, causing various injuries on their bodies like hip fracture, breaking a hand or ...