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Protect your Residential Care Facility from Ransomware Attacks

By Alexa Connelly
March 06, 2019

Cyber criminals or hackers target organizations to steal sensitive data about the company, supporters, and customers. Historically, when individuals think about criminal cyber activity, they assumed only large for-profit organizations were at risk. That is no longer the case as criminals look for organizations that have minimal IT support and valuable, sensitive data – two ...

How Can Wandering Impact Your Facility

By brian barrick
March 28, 2014

Whether you run a tiny three-resident care facility out of your home or are in charge of a sprawling, multi-building complex for the elderly, resident wandering should be on your list of concerns. Working with the aged to keep them content and safe is a priority, and wandering can bring harsh and expensive legal consequences ...

Cyber Risks for Adult Foster Homes

By brian barrick
February 26, 2014

There are going to be cyber-risks for any adult foster home that support residents in having an online capacity. The educational, recreational and practicality of having online options for adult residents outweigh the risks in-general. This does not, however, remove the risks that cyber-hackers or other malevolent online abusers might present. Steps To Take To ...

Keep your client information confidential!

By brian barrick
February 22, 2012

Adult Care Homes and Facilities are required to provide security for the confidential, financial and other information of their clients and customers, it is helpful to know and understand what steps to take to keep your institution from being threatened. Employee Management and Training Regularly remind all employees of your company’s policy and legal requirement ...

Cyber Liability: What’s Your Adult Family Home Risk?

By brian barrick
January 05, 2012

These days, almost every business is on the web in some way which means that your company may be at risk for a lawsuit. According to the 2009 FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, 71% of companies in America endangered their financial stability by not having cyber liability insurance.  Here are a few scenarios for ...