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Managing Risk in Your Adult Care Home

By brian barrick
January 25, 2012

Don’t let a few hardships blind you from achieving your risk management goals! When times get tough, we must look a little harder to find the good in it. Don’t lose sight of the core strategies for success in the minor slip-ups that may occur. By keeping future possibilities insight, we are able to develop ...

Employee Contracts in your Adult Care Facility

By brian barrick
January 18, 2012

In life not all endings have to be thought of in a negative light, but as a window to new opportunity. In the work place contracts are terminated, employees leave or are asked to leave, and outside providers may be let go as their services are no longer required. We are often blinded by our ...

Lawsuit Basics for your Adult Family Home

By brian barrick
January 12, 2012

There are seven basic lawsuit stages that occur regardless of the level of the offense.  Stage One:  Filing the court papers. In this stage either you or better yet, your attorney submit pleadings that summarize how the law has been broken. Stage Two: A jury of your peers is selected to hear your case. Stage Three: ...

Intuition & Discipline of Adult Care Home Risk Management

By brian barrick
January 10, 2012

As you probably know, risk managers work to decrease the uncertainty that something will go wrong in Adult Care Homes. The most common method for risk management includes monotonous steps and calculations, but isn’t there more to it? A quantitative two-step approach involves analyzing risks and evaluating the severity and likelihood for yourAdult Care Home ...