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The Importance of Documentation

By brian barrick
January 27, 2014

In any business industry there is always one important rule to follow; document everything. Even if a task or assignment has been completed, if it is not properly documented, “it never happened.” While this can be frustrating, this is how businesses operate; especially, in the medical field. Why is Documentation so Important? Imagine working in ...

Missing Medical Records

By brian barrick
November 12, 2013

Missing medical records can be a legal and clerical nightmare if you don’t know how to handle the situation. If you are an administrator or owner of an assisted living facility, it is vital for you to know what to do when records go missing and how to prevent this from happening in the first ...

How To Protect Your Assisted Living Facility

By brian barrick
November 11, 2013

Whether you’re moving your loved ones into a care facility, or moving in there yourself, you want to be assured that those working there are fully capable of doing so. That’s why all contracted workers are sufficiently vetted and checked before taking a position within any home, whether it’s medical or even hairdressing. What does ...

When Is It Okay to Leave Residents Alone?

By brian barrick
November 07, 2013

Most assisted living residents are able to care for themselves but the reason while they’re in a facility is because they require extra attention to ensure their safety.  It is in everyone’s best interest that a watchful eye is always kept on each resident at all times.  However, this can be done while having the ...

How Many Caregivers per Residents is Enough?

By brian barrick
November 06, 2013

What is the number of caregivers required in assisted living facilities per resident? The more caregivers the assisted living facility has, the better the care will be, but this is rule of thumb and not a legal requirement. However, the Assisted Living Federation of America also known as ALFA leaves the number of staffing levels ...

What to Do When a New Resident Needs a Higher Level of Care

By brian barrick
November 05, 2013

  When a resident needs more care than an assisted living facility can provide, the staff needs to take measures to ensure that that individual is placed in a nursing home or hospital that can provide the level of care necessary. They need to contact the individual’s family and doctor to help with the decision ...

Skin Breakdown: The Importance of Understanding

By brian barrick
November 04, 2013

  Skin care issues can arise when a resident is not able to roll over in bed.  The skin breakdown process is something that can be frightening for a resident that has lupus for example.  You want to be able to apply the correct ointments, cremes and treatments that are crucial to the healthcare of ...

How To Store Medical Records

By brian barrick
October 31, 2013

It is crucial that medical records are maintained with great accuracy. They are of interest to various parties including patients and health care organizations including assisted living facilities. Records are also of interest to government bodies including tax authorities and bodies involved with health care planning and provision of services. Different states, similar standards Different ...

Importance of Water Testing

By brian barrick
October 30, 2013

As Baby Boomers mature, the numbers of assisted living facilities are steadily rising to meet this aging population’s needs. These facilities allow seniors and their families to concentrate on living in the now rather than worrying about the unpredictability of the future. Ideally, the health and safety of residents is of utmost importance to a ...

Assisting Residents in The Shower

By brian barrick
October 28, 2013

 Assisting Residents In The Shower   Among people with disabilities, one of the most common places that slips and falls occur is in the shower. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you provide disabled adults living in an adult foster home with assistance in the shower. Equipment is available to assist ...