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Super Bowl Sunday

By brian barrick
August 20, 2012

Football is a sport that many people enjoy, and the one football game that almost everyone watches is the Super Bowl. Have you thought about having a Super bowl party for your residents? They will love a little healthy competition. First, ask all nursing home facility residents to wear a jersey, t-shirt or the colors of their favorite football team. This will help to promote all football fans to get excited and will encourage them to come out and watch the Super Bowl later that evening.

Before the game, have the staff create a football pool and encourage the residents to enter. Create a ten by ten grid and have the seniors and staff pick boxes. Once filled, randomly assign numbers between 0-9 on each side of the grid to represent the last digit of the game’s score. Designate what side is the one team and what side is the other. The staff can give away NFL related gear to the winners, who are announced quarterly. Having a prize at stake always makes the game more interesting! Keep the residents interested by asking various sports related trivia questions and award prizes to the winners.

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