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Steps to Follow When Discharging Employees

By brian barrick
March 11, 2013

The task of terminating an employee’s duties is usually not easy. The emotions involved when the employee gets the news makes it even worse. Some cases however call for this unavoidable situation. It is thus helpful if you are to understand the polite way of doing it which involves certain steps.

It is important to be cool headed when discharging the employee. Acting in a rush and out of anger will not help matters but may prompt harassment charges from the dismissed employee. The employee could be faced with compromising behavior like drug abuse and no changes having been observed despite several warnings having been served. Such a scenario may necessitate instant termination especially if they extend their addiction to those with assisted living problems, the people that they are supposed to serve. No matter how agitated you are, stick to the principles and review them so as to avoid trouble.

It is also critical to follow employment policies. Certain conditions like pregnancy may lead to lack of delivery when it comes to caring for the residents with assisted living needs. The management may feel that it is a waste of resources to hold such an individual who is of no benefit. This assumption is likely to get them into trouble since such conditions are realized and protected by the law. It is thus wise to scrutinize both the company regulations and policies before implementing an employee’s termination.

There must be proof for your action. You should therefore file all properly recorded documents explaining the reason for an employee’s dismissal. The reasons for no longer requiring the workers services should be clearly written down. They should be realistic and unbiased and not out of harassment. No one is allowed to threaten employees with dismissal just because they did not concur with what they said. Stay honest with the employee and avoid the temptation of wanting to please them .Be straight to the point and save yourself the embarrassment in case you are sued.

It is always good to pay your employees dues to the point when their task was stopped. Do not risk withholding their dues or allowances. Have your lawyer present at all the proceedings so as to disclaim any future complaints. It is also helpful to make use termination letters when dismissing your workers.

Always remain with only that which you can defend. Avoid unnecessary exaggerations.

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