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Spring Cookouts: Safety Hazards to Consider

By brian barrick
March 28, 2013

When you have a spring cookout at the assisted living center you need to consider some safety measures. When using a gas grill, you should check the tubes that lead to the burner for any blockages. Food, insects and grease often get trapped in the burners. You can clean them with a pipe cleaner. The hoses that supply the gas should be checked for leaks from cuts or wear.  Replace connectors occasionally because they wear out and leak gas. Check for gas leaks following your manufacturer’s instructions before using the grill for a spring cookout.

Keep the grill at least 10 feet away from the facility where you have the cookout. It should not be used inside or on a porch. On a patio or outside in a picnic area with a solid surface is the best location. Do not put the grill on grass as concrete is the best surface.  When you store gas containers leave them upright and don’t store spare containers under the grill. Test out the gas grill before the cookout to ensure it works.

When cooking at the grill, have two staff member cooking and serving at all times. Keep guests away from the grill and pets.  Provide staff members with proper pot holders and utensils to cook food properly. Cook all meats and poultry completely before serving. Do not leave food out too long before cooking. If you make salads with mayonnaise or eggs keep them refrigerated until you use them. Do not leave them out too long a half hour to hour at most. Keep a bucket of water handy for a fire or emergency. Clean the grill to avoid food poisonings and eliminate grease. Have a platter handy to put cooked foods or have residents come up to get hamburger and food served by the staff.

Personal Care and Assisted Living Insurance Center has the right insurance to protect your assisted living or your adult family care home. When you have that spring cookout if someone gets injured from a burn or small fire you will have the right insurance to cover the medical costs. Sometimes even damage to property occurs when a gas grill blows up. PCALIC understands the difference between your facility and a nursing

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