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Spring Cleaning: Preventative Maintenance Can Save You Money

By brian barrick
April 11, 2013

The way assisted living facility exist today emerged in the ninety’s as a care facility for people who cannot live independently and do not need medication. It is aimed at promoting dignity and independence of the residents. Ensuring the safety of these facilities goes beyond the kind of treatment that will be given by the staff. You need to ensure that are proper measures of safety in place where you eliminate or the dangerous areas that would cause the residents to suffer injury. Additionally you need to ensure that the dining area, bedrooms and bathrooms can be easily accessed.

Some of the spring cleaning tasks that you need to keep in mind are ensuring that the floors in the hallways are not slippery, smoke detectors should be working at all times especially in those vital areas of the facility. If you take the proper measures then the risks in the facilities will be minimized. You should ensure that the environment is friendly to the residents as well as the staff to avoid incurring lawsuits due to negligence.

Spring cleaning of the assisted living facility will help you give the residents an attractive, safe and clean environment that will meet their needs at a cost that is reasonable. You may be resistant to cleaning especially when it has to be done room to room but at the end of it all the results will speak for themselves

You need to ensure that all the clutter has been removed from the facility and what can be discarded need to be thrown away. This creates space and investing in proper storage will make a huge difference. The linen of the residents needs to be changed to make the bed fresh. It is also an opportunity for you to flip the mattresses to extend the life. Dusting needs to be done in details even in areas that are not seen by all. This will help prevent dust related conditions affecting the residents overtime. There is nothing as bad as a dirty bathroom and it needs to be thoroughly clean to avoid cross infections. The Ac filters need to be checked and changed as seen fit.

All these are useful tips in risk managements. It is important too that the cleaning equipment is stored near the cleaning areas for easy access.

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