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Social Media Risk Management for your Personal Care Home

By brian barrick
April 03, 2014

Many personal care homes are operating as a small to mid sized business that has never faced any legal issues. Most operators and administrators are functioning through their medical or hospitality training when working each day to meet clients needs. Not knowing which actions puts the business in a compromising position is dangerous. Here are a few tips for creating social media disclaimers for your personal care home.

Reaching out to attract new customers online is a big leap for most business owners. Social media is a tool that can be explored inexpensively and helps to stay in the public eye. Creating a way for people to find out about the business offerings and services is important. Social media allows for the discussion to always stay open and for those receiving services to reach out for clarification. The comments and interaction done on social media portals allows people to have more confidence in the stability and offerings of the business. After social media profiles are created they can be used to constantly update what is going on with the company website, video sharing channels, and other media outlets like Twitter.

Insurance is a standard part of operating a business in a responsible capacity. Understanding what the insurance does and does not cover makes it easy to create policies that will keep employees safe and limit the business from being liable due to changes in policy. When advertising through a website or social media outlets always consider how each statement represents the business. The service descriptions should be written in a way that does not mislead customers.

Risk Management

Clearing up what the company should offer is not always discussed until a legal issue arises. Managing risk is often done by implementing mandatory policies. These policies are often enforced through paperwork or new ways to provide personal care. These policies are useful when deciding how to speak to the public on social networks. Employees creating content or responding to customers online need to understand what statements should not be made to protect the interests of the business.

Do not wait until issues arise and a disgruntled client or employee wants to sue. Making sure the business has enough insurance coverage is not always easy to sort out alone. There is help available for obtaining general liability, cyber, professional, workers compensation, or commercial insurance for personal care homes.

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