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Social Media: Avoid the Risks of Misspeaking

By brian barrick
February 19, 2013

Social media website can help different types of businesses, including an assisted living facility, to promote their services. When you are using these social media sites, you need to be careful that you use the right language so that you don’t encounter problems, such as negative promotion or lawsuits.

When you go on a social media website, you need to think about what you say and how you say something to avoid issues in the future. When you run or own an assisted living facility for elderly and disabled people, you should try to use social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, in a positive way to let others know about the type of facility and services you offer. You do need to be careful to be honest and not use offensive or libelous material in your posts so that the assisted living facility you own or manage won’t have issues, such as lawsuits from other companies or individuals.

You could say one word or phrase on a post that could offend someone or cause them to bring a suit against your assisted living facility. You should review your posts and let other managers or employees read it over.  You want to use language that will shed your assisted living facility in a positive light. Your posts should also inform the public about the types of amenities and care residents should expect when they come to live at your facility.

When you use social media websites, don’t talk about anything negative, such as bad publicity. You could potentially incriminate yourself and make your assisted care facility look bad. Also try to steer clear of responding to negative comments on your social media pages, especially in public areas where others could view the messages. If anything in your posts sets off alarms in your head that it could be potentially troublesome, remove it before making it public.

More people than ever have started to sue assisted living facilities. You don’t want to give somebody else a reason to look negatively on or bring a lawsuit against your facility because of something you say on a social media website. Being careful with your words when you use these websites can ensure that your assisted care facility can continue to take care of elderly or disabled people who need help caring for certain or all basic needs.



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