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Seniors & Yoga

By brian barrick
February 28, 2012

            There are so many different types of exercises being created because people are getting bored with the regular work out on the treadmill or lifting equipment. Of many of these exercises yoga is included. Yoga is a great source of exercise for most senior citizens because it allows you to stretch your muscles and meditate. There are many different types of yoga depending on your level; for starters there is hatha, iyengar, viniyoga, or chair yoga.

            The hatha practice is for beginners that are not very limber and it helps promote longevity. The iyengar practice is very beneficial to senior citizens and it includes the use of props while practicing yoga. Viniyoga is also a great option because it is fit to each person along with chair yoga. All of these types of yoga can be taught by a certified yoga instructor or you may be able to find some on DVD and in books.

When offering Yoga in your assisted living facility, make sure your residents are physically fit and able. It is also vital to get their doctors permission before allowing them to participate in strenuous activities.

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