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Save your ALF Money-Record Employee Training

By brian barrick
February 14, 2013

Employee training can be a very costly budget item, especially if you experience high turnover rates.  You may have hired good people, but you have to get them up to speed about your facility and procedures. Or, your state regulations require that employees receive a certain number of hours of continuing education each year and you must provide that.  Regardless of training type, finding qualified trainers, even if you have them on staff, securing training materials, and administering tests takes a lot of time.  Here is one way to save money:  Record video training.  A few suggestions to get started:

First, choose the trainings that lend themselves to being recorded.  These could be some of the courses dealing with abuse and neglect, resident rights, dignity of patients, family communications, medications and side effects.  Choose the ones whose content stays relatively the same over time.
Second, have the instructor plan out how the training will be done.  Will the employees watch a little of the video and then do a workbook activity?  If they are watching as a group, or will they pause the video to discuss?  Are there additional materials for the employees to use?  Will there be a test? Good training breaks up long periods of listening.
Third, plan how you will record the trainer’s session.  Where will it be, the lighting and sound, and will you have people actually being trained?
Fourth, edit the video.  With inexpensive editing software on the market, it is not as difficult as it seems, and the end product will give you a great resource.
Fifth, set up your assisted living facility resource library if you do not have one already.  How will the employees access the videos?  What is the time period they will have for completing video training?  How will you perform the final assessment and award any certificates?

Good employee training is the backbone of your assisted living facility.  Potential residents and their families see the results of well-trained employees and want to choose yours because of that.  Having a continuous training program that every employee can access quickly through recorded training videos helps keep needed skills sharp and satisfy state regulations.  Employees know that if they need a quick refresher they don’t have to wait until the next training, and you don’t have to hire a trainer or pull someone from your staff to do it.  It’s a very cost effective solution to save money: Video record employee training.

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