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Safety tips for your Adult Care Home

By brian barrick
March 01, 2012


It is important for all Adult Care Facility owners to maintain their property year round to reduce the risk of a fire or other costly property claims.  In the next 4 issues, we hope to provide tips and pointers on how to keep your property safe for residents and visitors. The following are only suggestions but can pay off in peace of mind, cost of utilities, and the long-term durability of your facility.


The Top 5 Winter safety Tips:

Remove screens from windows and install storm windows- this will help keep your residents warm PLUS reduce the cost of heat

  1. Clean out gutters- When gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, ice is more likely to build up and freeze the downspout.  One way to prevent this from happening is to install gutter screens during the winter
  2. Make sure electrical Holiday decorations are safe- make sure to replace any lights that have bare wires showing. To help decrease the chance of decorations overheating make sure to unplug them when not in use or purchase a timer that turns them off automatically at a preset time
  3. Replace batteries on or purchase carbon monoxide detectors- these detectors should be in the laundry room and kitchen.  They let you know if your air is being polluted by either the dryer or stove and can save your facility from a fire
  4. 5.     Have plenty of salt on hand– having salt on hand will help keep your sidewalks safe when the weather brings us snow and sleet

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