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Proper Lift Procedures

By brian barrick
May 03, 2012

Back injuries are the most common workplace injury.  Approximately 25 percent of all on-the-job accidents reported each year involve back injuries – and usually happen when employees are lifting something incorrectly.

Back injuries from incorrect lifting are just as common around the home.  So, whether at home or at work, the following tips can help you lift safely.

  •  When you lift, push and pull with your legs – not your arms and back.  Bend at your knees, not your waist, to help keep your center of balance.
  •  Avoid lifting higher than your shoulder height.
  •  Men, tone down the testosterone and use a hand truck to move heavy stuff.  Don’t worry, she’ll still love you.
  •  Turn with your feet, not with your hips and shoulders.  Twisting can overload your spine and lead to serious injury.
  •  Carry objects close to your body and use both hands. Avoid a long reach to pick something up.


Back injuries can be debilitating, so stay on the safe side and lift correctly.


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