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Personal Liability Insurance for Seniors

By Heather Brown
August 26, 2014

The average senior in a residential care community has significant assets to protect, often accumulated over decades. When first transitioning into community living it is likely that they have recently sold their home. Even if they haven’t, they may have lost the critically important Personal Liability Asset Protection previously enjoyed with a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

We’re here to help them, and you … your organization can decrease risk, increase profitability, sustain and grow with this state of the art insurance policy:

• Reduce Cost > by decreasing premiums • Enhance Coverage > by being named additional insured

• Gain & Retain Residents > keep them safe and happy A Personal Liability Insurance Policy is a vital part of any estate preservation program. This coverage helps protect your resident’s assets and lifestyle against third party claims resulting from bodily injury or damage to their property.

Unlike other agencies, we have access to a state of the art policy that will indemnify your facility and enables your operation to:

• Dramatically decrease exposure for your self-insured facility or multiple operations

• Generate significant income and above-the-line cash flow

• Reduce overhead and expense charges

• Gain a competitive sales advantage

• Retain residents / maintain occupancy

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