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Personal Care Contracts

By brian barrick
October 09, 2013

There comes a time when some families recognize an older family member needs full or part time care help. An adult foster home may the perfect care provider. It is in the care home’s interest to have the person accepted for care to sign a personal care contract.

What should be included in a personal care contract? Such a binding agreement is also known as a long term care personal support services agreement.

What Is a Personal Care Agreement?

It is an agreement between the provider and the person who is receiving care. Providing such an agreement clarifies the tasks that are expected for a set fee. Such an agreement saves misunderstandings and conflicts later on. A proposed agreement should be discussed with the person who care is to be provided for or his or her family. An initial discussion can resolve disagreement before any document is signed.

Basic parts of a Personal Care Agreement

An adult foster home personal care agreement should have at least three basic requirements:

The agreement should be in written form with all concerned having a copy for future reference. All payments should be for future care and not for services already preformed. Payments for care should be reasonable and competitive. Tasks should match industry fees for similar services.

A drafted personal care agreement should contain:

The date services begin and a comprehensive description of services to be provided. This may include: Food preparation, board, general care, driving to appointments, errands, and general transportation. The fee and when the adult foster home is to be compensated. For example, is the foster home to be paid weekly or monthly? The time span of the agreement, should it run for one year, two years etc. A clause stating any changes to the agreement should be by mutual agreement. Finally, a signature by all parties concerned with time and date.

Additional Details to an Agreement

The care given should be clearly stated in any agreement but might include flexibility to changing circumstances. Finally, consider a ‘get out clause’ should one or both parties want to end the agreement. You could add to the agreement the clause: ‘this agreement remains in effect until such times it is terminated in writing by either party.’ One might add a notice period for the above clause to take effect.

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