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Music Therapy: Ways to Utilize to Help Residents

By brian barrick
April 15, 2013

Music therapy can help all the residents of your assisted living center or adult residential care facility. It can create a means to provide a rewarding experience while living in your facility. Music therapy creates physical, emotional and mental well being in residents. It is used to improve communications skills of residents with staff, improve memory and promote socializing. Certified music therapists work with patients to achieve these goals through different group activities.

Sing alongs are group activities where residents sing with the staff person to music. There are many different types of activities for music therapy. There is moving or dancing to music and using musical instruments like chimes or drums to create music. Solo therapy is often given to some residents to address their specific needs. Often there is no experience needed just the desire to enjoy and learn new things. New Activities for residents makes a big difference.

Music therapy in assisted living centers and other home can be listening to live recorded music or learning relaxation techniques while listening to music. Often the sing alongs involves singing familiar songs to music and with a staff member leading the group. It can even involve writing song lyrics and music. Some residents learn to play an instrument. There are many different ways to use music therapy to help and involve residents in the daily living experience. Activities for residents make a difference.

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