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Missing Resident Plan

By brian barrick
July 10, 2013

Adult family homes can be well prepared for prevention of a missing resident but sometimes residents stil figure out how to leave or wander out without realizing they aren’t supposed to leave or even remember where they are. Your adult family home is best suited to find that resident if there’s a well established plan in place.


Prior to a resident being missing, you should have a list of people that you can call for help. Make sure that you have a recent photo of the wandering person that you can give to the police. Also, try to learn some logical places that the person may wander to. Another key tip to help stop wandering is to learn the dominant hand of the potential wanderer. Wanderers generally head in the direction of their dominant hand.


After you realize that a resident is mission, the first action upon realizing a resident may have exited the adult family care home should be automatic locking of exits and  vocal or sound code alerting staff.  This elses to prevent residents from exiting the protection of the facility if they are just missing on the cameras.  Search each room and  outside grounds. Retrieve a photo of the resident from your records for  searchers and authorities. Contact authorities and report all information.  Upon their recommended  time period (which varies from one environment to another), contact  local television stations for public service announcements.


Contacting family of the missing resident is excruciatingly difficult but must be done. The resident is their loved one and  may be trying to reach them. Lastly, when the resident is found, determine the hows and whys and make sure to make corrections in your facility to ensure that it does not happen again.

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