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Mediation Saves You Money!

By Heather Brown
October 19, 2014

Great News! There is a legal out-of-court settlement process that most people don’t know about. Most disputes, complaints and claims can be resolved without a lawyer or going to court.

The process is called “Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR”, also known as Mediation and Arbitration. Mediation and Arbitration is a legal out of court settlement process that is less formal, cheaper, faster and less adversarial than a court lawsuit. These means of resolution are legally enforceable in the United States. You can use Mediation and/or Arbitration to get fair legal justice without lawyers and court costs.

Your First Step PCALIC is excited to help you and your facility implement a mediation program. You can obtain information on Mediation through our Guardian Mediation Kit available at website. Simply login to the site using your user name and password, in the left column select Risk Management Tools and then select Guardian Mediation Kit. You will find brochures you can print and provide to your residents and legal respresetative of the residents that explain the benefits of mediation, a sample mediation agreement and a video that explains the mediation process

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