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Mediation Agreements: Do They Take Away Resident Rights?

By brian barrick
July 09, 2013

Mediation Agreements

Mediation agreements are an option in most legal issues that can come about in your personal life or your organization. The process involves a third party intervention approach without the use of lawyers. The benefits of using the mediation agreement are that it takes less time, more cost effective, more agreeable outcome, and better client satisfaction.

The mediation agreement is an option that most lawyers will not tell you about because this process eliminates the need for long drawn out cases where only the lawyers make money and the clients have less input.  When deciding on the mediation agreement option, consider that this route will take less time and studies have shown that those using this choice found they were more informed and the outcomes were not only agreeable to both parties, but had longer lasting satisfaction after resolution.

Studies show that mediation agreements results are better than those negotiated with a lawyer or from the court. Those that used this option found they did so for several reasons:

  • Wanting to reach an agreement satisfactory to all parties.
  • Wanting to reduce the hostility that usually comes with legal battles.
  • Wanting to reduce the cost.
  • Wanting to reduce the involvement with lawyers and the court systems.

The mediation agreement option gives you control that you don’t have when the lawyer is your mouthpiece. It will allow all parties to negotiate in a neutral environment, searching for the best outcome for all parties.

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