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Make your AFH Feel Like Home

By brian barrick
March 05, 2013

Confinement to unfamiliar surroundings can cause distress and emotional detachment. People undergoing this can be traumatized and live through life miserably with no passion or zeal. They miss everything that they love despite having numerous friends around; there is that emotional void that cannot be filled. It is thus upon the facilities administrators’ to come to activities that will bring back life and sparkle to the residents in their new found homes.

Just because you need assisted living does not mean that your life has to remain dull and boring. The adult home should be decorated in a way that gives the personal touch. Identify each residents test and former lifestyle and purpose to continue. Drastic changes may cause alienation and unpleasant thoughts. Engage the residents in their favorite activities be it fishing, sport hunting, chess playing and swimming. These enhance relaxation and facilitate recovery since the patient is calm. Good life is the key to enhancing the residents’ peace and tranquility, something they really need.

Something else that could be done in the adult family homes has to do with the outdoors. Ensure that you have a large compound which is properly tended and mowed. Here you can facilitate games and exercise routines that all the residents may engage in. Also provide relaxing shelters and outdoor beds where people can relax in the sun. The outdoor scenery has a way of relaxing the mind and body, riding it of stress and fatigue.

Another important activity that any adult family home should invest in is the physical therapy and exercises. There should be variety of exercise equipment provided to fit all the residents’ needs. Trainers and therapist should be availed so as to provide assistance and fun through the whole workout procedures. From aerobics instructors to medical physiotherapists, everyone should find their fit as far as exercise is concerned.

Another new and fun activity that would attract the residents is the laughter yoga. In this program, the home dwellers get to connect with their emotional, intellectual and spiritual beings. They are allowed to release all built up tensions and frustrations through laughing. Security and closeness is shared among the residents and long term bonds are created.

It is easy to meek the residents in your adult family home comfortable and happy. Find out what makes them a family away from home.

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