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Make your Adult Foster Care Home Stand Out

By brian barrick
February 21, 2013

How to Make Your AFCH Standout

Are you thinking of operating an Adult Family Care Home? Do you own or work as an administrator at one? If so, this information can be very helpful to running a successful AFCH. In this economy and competitive small business market, you have to have that edge. Find that niche’ that makes your AFCH stand out, what can make your home much better than the next.

When you open or run an adult family care home, you are catering to those certain group of seniors that desire the same care provider. This may be the best place to start, the care plan. Just like insurance companies, you can create a care plan specifically to meet the needs of the client. Administrators are very familiar with this step, but you can always make sure your care plan goes one step further.

A few ways to make your adult family care home stand out is location like a familiar neighborhood. Some of these homes are already modified for this specific use. Some can have up to six bedrooms with half baths and additional walk-in capabilities that are handicapped accessible.
Having a flexible kitchen to accommodate all dietary needs, is a plus. The dining room should be accessible to all clients and feel like home, this is the key to having happy clients. Offering activities and pet therapy visits, as well as trips with transportation. Making your adult family care home a happy and warm place, is an important aspect to stand out in today’s economy.

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